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Our Partners

Resources, collaborations and partnerships

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The Faith Project

The Faith Project is a collaboration of like minded and strong willed people. Or team compromises of volunteers and full time people who generously give their time to advance opportunities for the homeless in Atlanta.

Recovery Consultants of Atlanta

RCA is committed to providing comprehensive health care services including person-centered HIV, HEP C and drug treatment services in a safe and cost-effective manner while organizing and teaching members of the Metro-Atlanta 12-step and faith based communities to become advocates of better health & recovery.

Pad Split

PadSplit was founded in 2017 to leverage housing as a vehicle for financial independence for low-income workers that serve our communities.

The Door

Services and Activities

Individual or Group Peer Check-Ins

Employment Services

Social Support Activities

Educational Services

Family Support Services

Housing Supports

Transportation Supports

Artistic Recovery Support

Volunteering Service

Recovery Oriented Training/Education


STAND is dedicated to providing

comprehensive solutions to those with complex and compounded social issues and diseases through evidence-based training, education and interventions that will empower all to engage in healthy productive lifestyles. 

Advocacy America

Advocacy America is led by President Carrie L. Williams and a team of leaders committed to the possibility of a reliable, authentic, sustainable framework for engagement in the decision-making process of governance.

They see public and community engagement as the next major civic innovation in the 21st century.